Astrology as a mediator

Be yourself, everyone else is taken      (Oscar Wilde)

Our horoscope is a map of the sky from the exact moment and place of our birth. We carry this unique picture within us, in our psyche/soul.  That’s why the ancient hermetic aphorism “as above so below” is so frequently used in relation to astrology.

We can imagine the planets – the symbols of our horoscope – as musicians playing their own characteristic instrument. Together they are an Orchestra and we are the conductor. This conductor is our conscious mind, the way we perceive the world and our relationship to it.

As a conductor we might have a preference for some of our musicians caused by our upbringing, heredity and the conditioning of our mind. Having that preference we easily put all our attention towards those musicians. Trying to get them play as loud as possible and only focusing on their improvement. This can upset the other players because they feel not guided and appreciated. Accordingly their music sounds out of tune and rhythm. If they don’t get our attention they can get quite furious and start making as much noise as they can in an attempt to have their say.

A typical reaction of the conductor is to let his favourites’ play even louder while becoming increasingly stressed about the background noise that he is trying to overhear. In the end there can be quite some chaos and a very fragmented sound.

To stay with our allegory here, this is the state many people find themself in when they feel inwardly and/or outwardly pulled in all kinds of directions. It’s the feeling of the fragmented Self, where a multitude of needs want to be satisfied. It’s difficult to navigate them when they don’t harmonise and we can’t even think clearly through that mental „noise“.

Our Orchestra is unique and the sound that it is able to play can only be played by this one orchestra. But in order to let our own unique music become alive the conductor should turn his attention towards all his members. When he sees them all and gets to know them more and more intimately, he becomes aware of all their strength and weaknesses and then he knows when to let them play piano and when fortissimo. Instead of trying to play something that he has already in his mind because he has heard it somewhere else, he can discover his own orchestra and compose a beautiful Symphony with them together. Because in this allegory he is not only the conductor but also the composer.

Astrology and its symbols can be the perfect mediator between the conductor and his orchestra, between you and your inner Self.  On a very deep level nobody knows your inner Self as good as you, but I believe it is part of our life-journey to unearth that knowledge which we seem to have forgotten somewhere between our souls journey to earth and us becoming conscious of our self. I  often hear terms like: “I still have to find myself“ or “I need to have some time alone so I can get in touch with myself“.

The other big part of our Journey is to create our self anew. As I described it above, the better we know our orchestra the better the symphony that we compose will be. So it goes both ways, it is a finding of oneself in the creation of oneself.


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  1. I love your new template here – it is strong, and the colours are really pleasing to the eye…I also really like this whole analogy you make with astrology. It is always such a surprise, all over again, to discover through studying one’s birth chart, there is seems to be a “player” there that you have overlooked, but when you examine your life, sure enough, there is that “noise” (and sometimes it has been getting louder and louder, despite the conductor’s resolute attempts to look the other way!)

  2. Thank you Carol! and by the way, as you already anticipated I had indeed a dream that commented on the dream of my first post.

  3. This is a great way of explaining how astrology and the horoscope works. In Psychosynthesis, created by Roberto Assagioli, they compare the personality to an orchestra and encourage the disidentification from each instrument or sub-personality, in order to gain detachment and self-awareness and ultimately, self-mastery. Astrology can help you to recognise all those different sub-personalities, and as you say, accept them and encourage their differing voices. You have a great blog here, thanks.

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