The Horoscope

Our inner landscape ❋ The Psyche

When we enter the world-stage,  we become the hero of our own life-story. A tale that has yet to be told. The outcome is still unknown because it is entirely up to us what we make of all the potential, promises, tests and challenges that are already written down – at that moment of our birth – in the symbolic language of our own unique mandala: our horoscope.

It’s a picture of the interwoven patterns that the celestial bodies posed at that crucial moment.  This cosmic dance calls to existence the stage for our personal quest that we call life. Our inner landscape and its inhabitants: the flora, the fauna, the gods in the mountains and the sky – or wherever they are in your story – are there.  And now its your time to roam through this arena. It takes time to find the way around in this adventure.  Sometimes we can get quite lost. Maybe in a thick forest full of wild creatures or at a steep mountain with no apparent path up or any other difficult terrain.   Thankfully, in the horoscope we have a map for all those areas, the obvious as well as the hidden.   So we can find our way around a lot easier and quicker, which means we can cover far more distance in the time that is given to us.

But not only that, it also describes the denizens of our psyche and explains their customs and behavior. This helps us to become acquainted with them  so we don’t have to feel like strangers in our own world. Furthermore it translates the sometimes thunderous distorted or just to feeble voices of the gods.  These voices often manifest in the so called “coincedences“ or synchronicities of our life.

Relating the horoscope to everyday life

In the above description I tried to create a picture of what we can encounter on our life-journey.  Of course this more imaginative description rather talks about  our inner experience. But this inner experiences always relates to what we attract in the outer world.   Inner and outer are the two halves of our one whole being and our horoscope can act like a bridge that connects this two halves.

When we relate it to our inner world it describes the “agents“ of our psyche. It’s these “agents“ that the field of psychology devotes itself to. I described them above as “the inhabitants of our inner landscape“.  The Psychologist C.G.Jung termed them Archetypes and the ancients defined them as their gods.  Getting to know the Archetypes that are most active in and trough us is a meaningful experience.   Life this way can be full of discoveries and adventures.

When we relate the horoscope to the outer world it helps in understanding the events and people in our life.  Giving those events meaning and realising that other people are often mirrors of our own inner drama helps in drawing the right conclusions and we can move on always a bit wiser than we have been before.  That’s how personal growth and maturation unfolds, both very rewarding developments.   Life isn’t always a smooth ride. But realising that there is a inner need for test and challenges because we want to develop  and grow, completely changes the perspective. We are no longer victims of fate but active participants in it.


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