The woman with the red dress

On the weekend I was passing a beer garden. There was a blues band playing – nice swinging tunes. So I stopped and had a look.

The place was not crowded but there where quite a few people sitting around the tables in the garden and some woman dancing in front of the stage but rather towards the side of it – except for one.

She was the woman with the red dress and she was an inspiration, dancing joyfully right in front of the band.

Here body proportions weren’t even close to the idealised and dehumanised image of a woman in our current culture. Far to much mass on a very short stature. But she obviously didn’t mind, she even wore a dress that highlighted here proportions. The way she moved was confident and beautiful. Even doing the “Uma Thurman – dance- figure” from the Pulp Fiction-movie (moving right hand in front of the face from left to right and vice versa), seemed congruent and not silly.

The whole scene was a symbol for the truth that when you are truly you, then you are just beautiful regardless of trends and fashion. Shine, be yourself and give others the chance to be inspired.

Holding yourself back serves no one, this world desperately needs people that are alive. Should you be criticised for being just you, its only from people that are reminded of their inability to shine themselves when they see you shine. Everyone has a choice to either be inspired or to feel his envy but thats not up to you and by saying you I am also talking to myself.

For those who like to see the world trough the lense of Astrology, it might be intresting to note, that the Sun was entering the sign of Leo when I and all the other people in the beer garden witnessed that dance. This ingress of the Sun into Leo was exact.


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